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Michael Trauner, M.D.

Research projects

Biliary complications after liver transplantation:

  • Bile composition and toxicity determining non-anastomotic strictures and recurrence of PSC.
  • Translational studies including animal and in vitro models of biliary toxicity and MR spectroscopy of bile composition (in collaboration with Prof. Dr. S.Trattnigg and Dr. M. Krssak, Department of Radiology).

Post transplant management of chronic hepatitis C:

  • Predictors of virologic response to standard antiviral combination therapy in patients with HCV-recurrence after liver transplantation.
  • Optimization of antiviral therapy after liver transplantation using direct acting antivirals (DAAs). 

Management of HCC pre and post liver transplantation:

  • Optimizing patient selection for liver transplantation and bridging therapies prior to OLT by clinical and molecular predictors.
  • Treatment strategies for recurrent HCC after liver transplantation.

Univ.-Prof. Michael Trauner

Div. of Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Tel: +43 (0)1 40400-47400